Clinton "Anwu" Mbah

Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬 • The Internet

I'm a computer programmer currently focused on building delightful & impactful consumer products.

I am fortunate to be spending most of my time on what feels like my life's work — a startup that's building a USD-stablecoin agent network for fast and cheap cross-border payments within Africa. Previously, I worked at Helicarrier on a range of consumer crypto products.

I'm insatiably curious about technology, startups, crypto, art, games, and music. In my free time, I'm usually reading articles, essays, biographies, and novels. You might also find me dabbling in photography as a hobby, vibing to RnB/Amapiano/EDM/House/OSTs, playing video games, working on personal projects or painting portraits in Procreate.