Last day at Helicarrier

Jul 29 2023 • 6 min read

I wrote this farewell message the day before my last day at Helicarrier.

Date: 27th February 2022

Hey people.

Monday, 28th February, will be my last day here at Helicarrier.

Tomiwa asked a question on Peace Itimi's Founder's Connect, which has been stuck in my head for a while.

**"What is one thing about your life that you would leave constant if you had the chance to redo it?”**

For me, working at Helicarrier is very high on the list of things that would remain constant. My time here was spent collaborating with kind, brilliant people on meaningful work. I have absolutely no doubt that all of it will have an outsized positive influence on the trajectory of my life.


**"What we fight with is so small, and when we win, it makes us small. What we want is to be defeated, decisively, by successively greater things."**


I'm leaving to go work on Accrue full-time. Making the onboarding of Africans onto crypto as soft as possible is a very close-to-heart personal mission, and I'm excited to be going on this adventure.

I can't lie. It's pretty petrifying to be pursuing this. I have no delusions about it being easy or guaranteed success. If it works out — great! I'll retire by age 30 to a small beach house in Cape Town. If not, it'll be an honour to have been defeated decisively by such an ambitious idea.


I am going to sorely miss being here. I'm glad I got to visit Nigeria and meet a good number of you in person.

I wish you all the very best, and I'll be rooting for you ;)

If you need to reach me:
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Big shout-out to Ire, Tomiwa & Timigod for the opportunity. It's been a phenomenal experience. ❤️