Small is good enough

Aug 20 2019 • 3 min read

This is probably aberrant, but I have no aspirations to be obscenely wealthy. None whatsoever. Even more atypical is that my reason does not stem from the fact that most people have no chance of ever becoming obscenely wealthy.

I don't feel like I have to leave a crater in the universe, establish an incredible legacy or any of the other transcendently lofty goals a lot of people think they must accomplish to have lived a life well. To me, all of that sounds exhausting. Why isn't a small, wonderful life enjoying the best bits of the human experience good enough? Why isn't having enough money to live comfortably, maybe enjoy the niceties of life now and again, good enough?

Maybe because I do not believe in the after-life, I see no reason to spend my only, very short time here enduring needless strife to accomplish those misguided (to me) benchmarks of success. For me, a well-lived life means working at a few companies solving interesting, challenging problems. It also means those jobs paid well enough for me to retire early, enjoy the niceties of life, spend time with family and friends, travel the world, play a lot of racing games, and make paintings and shitty furniture as hobbies.