You're in the throes

Dec 28 2021 • 3 min read

I consume a lot of content from people working in areas I’m interested in (design, dev, art etc.) via social media. On several occasions, someone’s particularly exceptional work or achievements have left me with feelings of inadequacy.

If you’ve been “toiling” for days on end, these feelings of inadequacy might evolve into feeling like an imposter or, even worse, giving up entirely on your pursuits.

Here’s something I want you always to remember: you’re in the throes.

What you see on social media is incredibly well-curated. Very few people share their entire journey (I wish more people would). You’re not seeing the days of them being new to something, grinding for days on end, and finally being successful. You are more often than not only seeing the result — exceptional work, eye-watering salaries, accolades, but you’re making the grave mistake of comparing that stage to yours where you’re in the throes — either starting in your endeavours or grinding.

The people you admire were once in your shoes, and they most likely experienced what you’re feeling too. The fact that they’re past that stage and reaping the fruits of their hard work and perseverance should be an inspiration and not discouragement for you. Everyone is on a journey, and you, in particular, are not yet at your destination. Keep up the good work.