They don't care!

Feb 15 2022 • 4 min read

I think humans are much more similar than we are unique. I see this in the things we like or dislike, how we react to situations, think or act, among other things.

You will probably describe me as a very measured person if you know me well. My being a measured person is unsurprising because I was plagued with several social survival mammoths (opens new window) until recently.

Sometime in the last quarter of 2021, I decided to shed off my measuredness. My theory was that if I did not care what some random person was up to and humans were more similar than different, then the chances are high that other people did not care what I (a random person) was up to.

Spoiler alert: They did not care!

If you are like old me, putting off doing something because you think that people are paying attention to you, let me assure you — they do not care. Humans are about as self-absorbed as they come.

Go out and dance. Chat up that stranger you think is interesting. Show some skin. Dye your hair blonde, red, or neon green. Try out that bouncy castle. Hell, try some freaky shit.

Again, they don’t care.