Trimodal flux

May 05 2022 • 6 min read

I recently realised that I am impatient, and it seems to revolve around quandaries that I have no frame of reference for how long they should last. My life has changed so much in the last few months, and it’s honestly dizzying. There are many moving parts that I am still struggling to wrangle, and it’s made me unusually restless.

These changes to my life are possibly why I’ve also been thinking a lot about how we’re always in what I’m referring to as a trimodal flux of existence.

You might not have noticed but at at any point in time, you’re in:

  • the present, striving towards a better future
  • the better future you used to dream about
  • the past you’ll think of in your better future and marvel and/or be humbled by how much progress you’ve made

You’re somehow in one of the trimodal states and all of them simultaneously.

I started writing this just now, did some more introspection, and this seems to be the takeaway, especially for my current quandaries:

  • I’ll be just fine. I am in the throes right now. I need to take a breather and remind myself that this is the better future I once used to dream about, and like I’ve done several times, I’ll figure out my new present and progress to yet another better future.
  • For now, I need to diligently chip at my quandaries with solutions, no matter how tiny. Little by little, and then all at once, they’ll unravel.

Lmfao. Writing this out actually reassured me that I’ll figure out my quandaries (hint: startups hard die). I’ll be fine. If you’re in a similar situation, rest assured, you’ll be fine too 😃